Face wash

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Get the confidence you need to post your selfies again without hesitation! We’re here to make it a possibility for you.

Take your confidence to the next level with our Tranquility Rejuvenating Face Wash. Gently scrub and rinse away dirt and excess oil with a face wash made to keep your skin looking healthy and refreshed.

 Why should you get one?

  • Avoid further damage! This Paraben-free Rejuvenating Face Wash will not only help your skin feel clean and renewed, but it will also prevent further damage caused by harmful chemicals like Paraben found in other products.

  • Sooth and treat irritated skin with the help of Aloe Vera found in this amazing formula. Keep your skin looking healthy and fresh all day long.

  • Nourish and protect your skin! Enriched with Vitamin E, you’ll walk out of the bathroom feeling extra refreshed by getting rid of all the toxins from free radicals.

  • Get that filtered-like complexion with the help of a Rejuvenating Face Wash, powered with Angelica Root Extract helping your skin look more even and uniform.

  • Clean and protect the skin! Keep your skin’s natural barrier with an alcohol-free toner made to remove impurities without being harmful, causing more pimples.

Did we mention, this Rejuvenating Face Wash is also Vegan and Gluten-free making it the best choice to help aid in skin cell turnover, making it a favorite amongst women who suffer from sensitive skin.

Get yours today and instantly feel the soothing way to get wash off the daily toxins and impurities caused by exposure to pollution, oil build-up, and harmful rays of the sun.