TranQuility By Jeanetta Yeboah

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If you’re looking to add a special touch to give yourself an extraordinary sense of calm, look no further. We’ve prepared just the thing for you!

Accent your bathroom, home, or workspace with our candle and create the perfect ambience for any occasion.

Why should you get one?

  • Set the perfect mood, and get the perfect ambience while you relax with a beautiful flame to accompany you while you take some me time to heal and recover.

  • Get better sleep! Keep your eyes away from the harsh blue light of screens that keep you awake. Light a candle and clear your mind of cluttered thoughts as you watch the soft and calming glow.

  • Support your practice while being accompanied by the beautiful and relaxing glow of a candle making any meditation or prayer session more serene.

  • Perfect gift for family and friends! Share the feeling of total relaxation with a candle made to help create the perfect mood and atmosphere in any room, office, or living space.

  • Decorate the way you want! You deserve the best and what better way to mark your space as your own by selecting a high-quality candle made to perfection!

Get one for yourself and start creating a daily space free of any disturbances from the daily stresses around you. Keep yourself focused and relaxed at the same time with a simple strike of a match.